Is America divided? Most say yes.

More than 90 percent of Newschannel 3 readers/viewers who participated in our online poll believe that America is divided. (WWMT graphics)

It's not all your in mind, nor even just on Facebook. And among those Newschannel 3 viewers/readers who answered our informal poll, 92 percent said yes, America is divided.

A recent Pew Reaserch Center study reveals the growing rift, a shift in the political landscape since 1994 to today, when the divisions between Democrats and Republicans have reached record levels.

All this week, Newschannel 3 will be exploring the reasons behind our divided country. How we got here, and why. And what we might do about it.

From taking a knee on the playing field to expressing anger online, we will explore how we've lost the middle ground, the arts of compromise and tolerance.

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