America Divided: Social media as emotional fuel

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    Social media and the internet have become a haven for expressions of hate and division.

    If you had to answer for your actions online tomorrow, how would you be judged? Do you spread positivity and compassion? Or do you troll strangers social media accounts and post angry opinions?

    On Wednesday night in America Divided, Newschannel 3 explores the roll that anonymity plays in social media hate.

    "The anonymity frees us to behave in ways that we wouldn't behave in a face to face environment," said Annette Hamel, a professor in Western Michigan University's School of Communications.

    Plus, Newschannel 3 examines the angry online comments local groups such as the NAACP have received and how they are handling the flood of social media hate.

    Newschannel 3's Christine VanTimmeren provides the report, at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m., and return to

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