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Listening to your car radio may be bad for your health. I almost drove off the road a few days ago listening to NPR's Diane Rehm Show.

The program was devoted to dissecting some of the well-documented campaign lies told by President-elect Donald Trump.

The host of the show turned to Scottie Nell Hughes, a Trump surrogate and editor of

With great sincerity she explained: "there's no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts."


One of the things they were talking about was Trump's tweet that he would have won the popular vote except for the millions of people who voted illegally. begin with, that assertion was quickly challenged by elections officials, both republican and democrat, from all 50 states. There was no...absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud. None.

But Hughes was just getting warmed up.

"Well," she said. "I think its also an idea of opinion. And that's--on one hand I hear half the media saying that those are lies. But on the other half, there are many people that go 'no, it's true.' And so one thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch is that people say facts are facts--they're not really facts."

That such a thing could be said, and by an authorized Trump spokesperson, who is speaking on behalf of the future President of the United States, is to say the least, a little unnerving.

Here's a fact, Miss Hughes. What you said is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. And one of the scariest. Is this really an indicator of what lies ahead for political discourse? There are no facts anymore?

If I was your boss, I would fire you. Unless my objective was to create distractions and confusion to cover the stupid things I say myself.

Here's another fact.

The state of Oklahoma had 16 earthquakes in 2009. Now, as the center of fracking for natural gas, the state of Oklahoma has about three earthquakes a day. The attorney general there, Scott Pruit, has spent much of his time suing the environmental protection agency to get them to stop enforcing regulations.

And last week your boss, Mr. Trump, asked Pruit to head up the very agency he keeps suing.

What is it, Miss Hughes, that we don't get? The earthquakes are opinion? Speculation?

What about deportation and that 2,000-miles wall that Mexico is going to pay for? What? We took your boss too literally? We should be ashamed of ourselves?

The next four years, if this road show lasts that long, are going to be interesting.

And, be careful while listening to your car radio.

In this corner...I'm Tom Van Howe.

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