Road Trippin': Zarzeula offers tastes for the international palate

Zarzuela de Mariscos is a signature dish at Zarzuela's. It's a Spanish seafood stew of market fresh shrimp, calamari, fish, mussels, sautéed in white wine, and added to a fish broth with vegetables, serrano ham, and brown rice flour. (WWMT)

The building is from the 1870s, and the menu is from overseas. Marshall’s Zarzeula restaurant is a Mediterranean hot spot with downtown digs. Owner Richard Kane supports the community by including local ingredients in the dishes. Even the flowers atop Zarzeula's tables are local.

"Orchards provides the plants," Kane said. "We have local produce from two of our farmers right now — asparagus and salad greens we’re currently using. More items will be added as they come on the market."

The sampler platter will help newcomers explore the unique menu.

" We have the pan queso, and then we have bacon-wrapped dates," Kane said. "We have artichoke rice croquettes. And we have a shrimp aglio."

Kane splashes seafood among many of the Mediterranean meals.

"Zarzuela de Marisco is a seafood stew from the Valenti region of Spain. It gives us opportunity to bring the flavors of Spain over. It’s got four or five different kinds of seafood in it," Kane said. "It’s got a rich fish broth on it. I think it brings a lot of flavors over to it."

For those who don't fear carbs, try the pasta dishes.

"We have the Mediterranean pasta which is very popular. Everybody seems to enjoy that one," Kane said. "We also have a pasta carbonara that is very popular, too."

Top everything off with a delightful turtle cheesecake whipped up in-house, along with everything else on the menu.

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