Road Trippin': WMU's College of the Fine Arts has many events open for the public to enjoy

Western Michigan University students practice in Dalton Hall. WMU's College of the Fine Arts has many performances and events open to the public. (WWMT/Randi Burns)

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If art exhibits, dance performances, music or even theater is your thing, Western Michigan University's College of the Fine Arts has just what you need: A little bit of everything that the public can enjoy.

"We do all we can to contribute to our hometown," said Brandi Engel, director of marketing and communications for Western's College of the Fine Arts. "What people may not know about WMU, is that we have hundreds of arts offerings that are available to the public, and most of them are free or very low cost."

The School of Music hosts more than 800 events each year. Of the more than 200 events on campus performances, a standout is the Bullock Performance Institute series on Wednesdays. The 12-concert series brings a variety of styles and ensembles to the university. Featured this winter will be two all-female chamber ensembles and sitar player Arjun Verma.

"The Department of Dance hosts a variety of public performances," Engel said. "Many of which are collaborative works between WMU students, faculty and guest artists."

The Orchesis Dance Concert on Nov. 7-11 features all student choreography. Also in November, tickets go on sale for the Winter Gala Dance Concert that takes place at the end of January.

The University Theatre has a lot of exciting things to offer as well. Next weekend is the opening of The Lady in Question, a satire of 1940s thrillers, starring WMU alum and guest artist Sutton lee Seymour. Students will be performing in six additional plays this season, including the family-friendly Dancing Granny and Guys and Dolls.

The Richmond Center for Visual Arts offers four public gallery spaces on the first floor. These gallery spaces feature works from nationally known artists, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Rotating exhibits vary throughout the semester and the galleries are always free.

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