Road Trippin': The family fun center in the Bavarian Inn Lodge has something for everyone

The Family Fun Center in the Bavarian Inn Lodge has many games and activities that the whole family will enjoy, no matter the age. (WWMT/Randi Burns)

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It is hard to plan a family trip and find activities for everyone to enjoy. Even with children ranging in age, the Family Fun Center at the Bavarian In Lodge has something for everyone, including the parents.

The one activity that is sure to please the whole family is the mini golf course!

"We have a 18-hole miniature putt putt golf course. It is inside because obviously you never know what the weather's like in Michigan," said Martha Zehnder, a fourth-generation owner.

She said that putt putt is great because multiple generations can play together.

As you venture through the Family Fun Center, there is no overlooking the more than 160 different types of games scattered throughout.

Martha Zehnder said, "Some of them [the games] are for the young toddlers, for the teenagers, for the big adult kids, there’s a lot that I enjoy as well."

As part of the games, people can get tickets with part of the Family Fun Center's redemption program.

"We have some people that come every month every year and save up those points to get that really big whatever it may be," Zehnder said, " Xbox, nice purse for mom, all kinds of great things."

If the family wants to go swimming, do not worry! There is a lot in the water arena that the Family Fun Center has to offer.

"So we have four pools, three whirlpools and two water slides. One of our pools is adult only, so if you don’t want to hear Marco Polo then you can have some alone time as well," Zehnder said.

No matter the age, children and adults will both be happy with the pools, games and putt putt offered at the Family Fun Center.

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