Road Trippin': The Bavarian Inn Restaurant Bakery might just have a special treat for you

Jams at the Bakery in the Bavarian Inn Lodge are all made in house. (WWMT/Randi Burns)

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If visiting Frankenmuth and looking to fulfill your sweet tooth, the bakery in the Bavarian Inn Restaurant might have just the thing!

Karen Zehnder, retail general manager of the shops, is one of the jam makers in the bakery. They make roughly 200 jars of jam daily right in their kitchens in the restaurant.

"So we have a signature products and they’re right here," Zehnder said as she pointed to the case of jams. "Blackberry rhubarb, blueberry rhubarb, peach, cherry rhubarb and the most popular on, strawberry rhubarb."

That is not the only kind of jams they have.

Seasonally, the bakery likes to kick it up a notch by adding a few more to their shelves.

While in Frankenmuth, you can find the jam in the Bakery and Bake Shop at the lower level of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.

Not in town or need it now? No worries! Zehnder said you can order online as well.

The Bakery at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant will end up selling 12,000 jars of jam throughout the year. Will you be one of buyers?

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