Road Trippin': Dine in an authentic German restaurant celebrating 130 years in business

A batch of the world famous chicken at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant is pulled out of the fryer and prepped for guests. (WWMT/Randi Burns)

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Of course when visiting Frankenmuth, one must immerse themselves in the heritage of the German town. What a better way than eating German food at The Bavarian Inn Restaurant?

"Frankenmuth is a German community and The Bavarian Inn is all about celebrating our German heritage," Amy Zehnder-Grossi said, "And our ancestors came from Germany."

Besides the wonderful heritage of the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, the food is the main attraction. For those seeking authentic German food, this is a place to add to the list of places to visit.

Dorothy Zehnder, matriarch of the family, said, "We are famous, world famous for our chicken but we also have German entrees. We have wiener-schnitzel, sauerbraten, and we have bratwurst."

Most of the food served in The Bavarian Inn Restaurant dining room is made on premises.

The restaurant is celebrating 130 years of business this year, which indicates the staple it has become in Frankenmuth.

Two families have been operating The Bavarian Inn Restaurant, but the Zehnders have been part of it for 68 years.

"I was here for 70 years because I was a waitress before I was married here," Zehnder said.

One interesting addition to the restaurant this year has been a food truck. This has made it possible for the restaurant to serve their famous chicken on the road.

Another big celebration will be Dorothy Zehnder's birthday at the beginning of December. She will be 97 Years old.

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