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Road Trippin': Cruisin' at Craig's

Christina Anthony said Craig's Cruisers is a slam dunk for Road Trippin' 2018. (WWMT)

Craig's Cruisers

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If you want to jump start your kid's spring break and you want an idea the kids won't shoot down, Craig's Cruisers is a slam dunk.

Marketing Manager for Craig's Cruisers Cait Thrasher showcased a brand-new section that opened up in February.

Thrasher said, "We just opened up our 36,000-square-foot addition in February of this year. that's on top of all the other items we already offer. We have a total of 120,000 square feet of fun."

First thing, first. The new Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

Thrasher said, "Yes, if you've seen the television show Americas Ninja Warrior it is very similar to that. One person runs the course at a time. It is a timed event. You compete to get the best score and we also have our trampoline park, which is the largest part of the brand-new addition. A brand-new laser tag arena, and an indoor spinning coaster."

If you want to blow off some steam you've got the trampoline section, but it's not just trampolines. There is quite a lot added to it.

Thrasher said, "Yeah, we do have our freestyle court where you can get out and do any kind of jumping you want. Boogie out there. And then we have out dodgeball arena. We have our slam dunk hoops. We have our junior jumpers court which is for kinds under 44 inches tall. And then we do have some obstacles foam pits air bag, it's a lot of fun."

And then there is the Cruiser Coaster.

Thrasher said, "The best way to describe it is a mix between a coaster and a Tilt-O-Whirl. As the cars go around the figure eight track, they spin. You do have to be able to handle spinning to be on there."

A unique take on Laser tag has expanded.

Thrasher said, "We built a brand-new arena. it is larger. It has a really cool theme as well. It has a downtown Grand Rapids apocalyptic feel to it. We also have all brand-new equipment."

Zombies are in right now. So, apocalyptic is good. For more on pricing visit their website.

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