Road Trippin': Grand Rapids Children's Museum is full of fun

Christina Anthony said Craig's Cruisers is a slam dunk for Road Trippin' 2018. (WWMT/Jon McCrary)

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

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Spring Break is around the corner and fortunately the Grand Rapids Children's Museum can keep kids entertained.

Director of Communications and Events for the Grand Rapids Children's Museum Adrien Brown said the museum is offering several options for the kids to enjoy during Spring Break.

Brown said, "So, for Spring Break week, which is that first full week of April, we have not only all the museum fun, but we pack it full of special performances. From singers, dancers, and magicians, it's a little bit of everything so you can come every day and see a new show."

If you get tired of the performers, which I'm sure doesn't happen, there's a lot of other things for these kids to do.

Brown said, "We have all of our exhibits. Everything we have is hands on. You can really play with it however you want. We have some that is pretend play, some that is building. There really truly is something for everybody."

There's a little section that looks like a miniature Grand Rapids.

Brown said, "Yeah. Little GR has a grocery store, a bank, a restaurant. Right now, we have a dentist office, a post office, and a car shop so you can get the experience of being in a little big city."

So, everything that Mom and Dad do, the kids can do too.

Brown said, “Now they get to do it. It's a way to show off, this is what I learned by watching Mom and Dad. Or this is how I would put things in my cart. These are the kinds of foods that I want to eat. They get that control and that say so for a day of being in charge."

Then off to the Imagination station.

Brown said, "The Imagination Playground where you can literally build anything that you can imagine with these giant, big, blue foam blocks."

More importantly, probably the biggest attraction here, is a human bubble.

Brown said, "So our bubble, you can actually stand inside and a bubble will come up all the way around you. It's always a fun game to see who can get the bubble the tallest. Who can have it stay up the longest. It's one of the only places in Michigan that you can stand inside of a bubble."

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