Road Trippin': Dark Horse Brewing Company serves morning and night

Marshall’s Dark Horse Brewing Company serves coffee and beer, with the morning drink roasted in-house with batches that match the evening brew. (WWMT)

Marshall’s Dark Horse Brewing Company serves both morning and evening people. Its coffee is roasted in-house with batches that match the beer. Customers can enjoy their drinks inside where 4,000 handmade mugs hang from the ceiling, or head outdoors where there is plenty of outdoor seating and room on the table for good food.

"We now do wood-fired pizzas. It’s been a big hit every Wednesday," said John Byrens, the tap house manager at Dark Horse. "We have a weekly special that’s unique to each week, then five regular pizzas, too."

Wait one day to enjoy that wood-fired pizza with some tunes.

"We have free music Thursdays. We do them every Thursday," Byrens said. "We invite people to come in, have a couple beers, and enjoy the live music."

Speaking of beer, there are a couple new brews coming out.

"We’ve got a few seasonals right now. Our biggest two are going to be our 'Sapient Trip Ale' and our 'Smells Like a Safety Meeting IPA.' which is the employee favorite," Byrens said. "We also have a new one coming around the corner. We don’t have a name yet. We’re keeping that under our hats."

Patrons essentially picked the new beer.

"It was selected out of five beers by the customers. They voted. We tallied them up, and hopefully people will be happy with the decision," Byrens said.

Pair the beer with crawfish at the Low Country Boil happening Saturday, June 16, 2018: It's all-you-can-eat for the 'low' price of $25.

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