Doc Talk: Winter fitness routine at Borgess Fitness Center

Doc Talk: Winter fitness routine at Borgess Fitness Center.

As the temperatures take a dive it can be hard to really dive into a fitness routine and for some it can be hard to find any motivation at all

Newschannel 3’s Erica Mokay reported on how Borgess is making fitness fun, even when it's freezing in this episode of Doc Talk.

When it is snowy and dreary outside, most are probably less than enthusiastic about working out, right?

Borgess Fitness Center member Michelle Burgdorf said, “That's why I joined a gym so that I don’t have to run outside, because the cold is not my thing. So yeah, coming to the gym is what gets me going.”

Whether it's hitting the weights, or trying out a new machine, Burgdorf knows in order to keep going, she has to keep it interesting.

She said, “To stay motivated and keep coming, I’ve hired a personal trainer, too. I like accountability because I am not very self-motivated.”

Mark Rose is served some motivation, alongside his buddies, on the pickle ball court.

Rose said, “It’s a really enjoyable sport for people that are looking for something like that, indoors, and it's a great group activity.”

Borgess Health and Fitness Center Manager Jen Query said, “Whether it's classes, whether it's using the rower, whether it's lifting circuits. We want to try and keep that spice of life.”

and when weather is anything but spicy, the trainers and instructors at the Borgess Fitness Center said that's when the workouts need to be, just as Rose described, enjoyable.

Query said, “If it's something that we know we have fun with -- we see our friends-- we've met some new people -- we're probably going to stick to it throughout those winter months.”

For you, that fun may be on the court, waiting at the top of the rock wall, for maybe the goal is a healthier you, but whatever the case, the first step, no matter the forecast, is showing up.

Rose said, “It's what we need to do. You just have to get up and you have to go do it.”

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