Doc Talk: Fitting a bike helmet

Doc Talk: Fitting a bike helmet. (WWMT / Patrick Hagan)

Wearing a helmet is bike safety 101, but to be protected, they have to be worn and they have to be worn the right way.

Wearing a helmet the right way is when things could get tricky, especially for kids, and Newschannel 3's Erica Mokay reported as some second graders got a lesson in good helmet habits in this episode of Doc Talk.

In the classroom kids have their thinking caps on, but when they're out playing something else should be protecting the noggins of these second graders at Winchell Elementary School

Gillian Jones, an injury prevention coordinator and educator with Borgess, said, “We don’t want it to be too wiggly but we don't want it to be too tight.”

They want a helmet that fits just right.

Jones said, “The fit of a helmet is just as important as wearing one.”

Jones tries to steer the kids, and everyone else, to the right helmet. So, instead of a rule of thumb, she got the kiddos reciting the rule of two fingers.

Winchell Elementary 2nd grader Emma Bennett said, “It should be two fingers above your eyeballs and two fingers for the strap.”

Thats not the only thing that spells out a good fit. When buckled, Jones says, the straps should form a y or v right under the ear.

Jones said, “That's important because its hitting a lot of the different angles and making sure that it's a good fit.”

The Centers for Disease Control say millions of Americans ride bicycles, but less than half wear helmets.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 400,000 children 14 and under are treated for bike-related injuries every year.

Winchell Elementary 2nd grader Laila Rashid said, “If you don’t have a helmet and you bump your head really hard. It could damage your brain a little bit and you can get a concussion.”

To keep everyone smiling, riding and having fun, Jones and these 2nd graders agree, you should always keep that cranium covered.

Rashid said, “When you’re riding your bike or a scooter and sometimes, maybe even a pogo stick.”

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