Doc Talk: Chiropractor with an edge

Doc Talk: Chiropractor with an edge. (Jason Heeres WWMT)

Back related issues. Migraines. Vertigo. If medications and therapy haven't worked for you, possibly seeing a chiropractor could be the answer.

Newschannel 3's Erica Mokay has more for Doc Talk.

If you're experiencing chronic back pain, maybe vertigo, or even migraines, then seeing Dr. Patrick Rowely could be an eye opening experience.

Rowley said, “Just looking at the area of pain doesn’t always lead us to where the problem lies and sometimes it’s much deeper than what we're looking at as just being ‘I hurt here.’”

Because of his advanced training in neurology, this chiropractor is better able to understand the nervous system and take a different approach by helping people who haven't gotten relief from physical therapy or mediations.

Rowley said, “We can’t do the same thing that everybody else has done and expect a different result.”

So, to get the best results, which Rowley said is always the goal, he takes a look at the patient while they're standing.

What he sees can then dictate what's done on the table.

He said, “that's part of understanding and looking and going through the exam to identify where their needs are, what we need to do to get them back functioning as they should so they can either decrease the symptoms or hopefully eliminate them.”

If a patient still isn't fixed, functional, Rowley is part of a multidisciplinary team at the Borgess Spine Center, so, the road to recovery may lead right down the hall.

He said, “The neat thing is, I’ll have a patient who I’m scratching my head on, you know, ‘I got this issue would you mind taking a look at them,’ and it's right around the corner.”

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