Doc Talk – Bariatric Surgery


From 300 pounds to triathlete. a local woman is now living her best life after undergoing bariatric surgery.

Newschannel 3's Erica Mokay tells us about her amazing transformation in this edition of Doc Talk.

Bariatric surgical procedures, of course, cause weight loss but restricting how much the stomach can hold and you've got to see these results.

Angela John Baptiste was over 300 pounds before she got what is called "the sleeve."

She said, “This was me in the up two months before my surgery.”

Baptiste now looks like a different person and ran a triathlon.

She said, “I feel good. Where back then, it’s like I said, you didn’t want anyone to see you.”

Now, at 51-years-old, she can't be stopped, flexing for the camera, running races, even completing two triathlons.

Baptiste said, “Having the surgery and the tool has limited, you know, it stops me but it doesn’t mean I still can't eat junk food, you know, you still have to have the mentality up here that this is an important thing to me and my life.”

Dr. Stuart Verseman said this procedure is not a quick fix or easy way out.

First, patients have to meet certain qualifications regarding their weight and body mass index and whether they have certain medical issues.

A bariatric seminar is also a requirement at Borgess.

Dr. Stuart Verseman, Borgess Bariatric Center Medical Director, said, “We don’t just rush patients though because they won't be successful. People like Angela that really develop and develop that life style change and really make that are the ones that truly succeed.”

Baptiste said at one time she described herself as heavy and self-conscious, but now, “I’m happier and healthier.”

And that is a big victory and Baptiste said she wants to do even more with longer distances. At the time the story aired, she had lost a total of 182 pounds.

Verseman said, “When you see people really be able to do things that they couldn’t do before it's just so heartwarming. I get goosebumps sometimes thinking about it because really they've changed their lives.”

Baptiste will be among dozens of other bariatric patients gathering to celebrate their accomplishments at the annual Borgess Bariatric Reunion on October 21.

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