9-10-2018 - Meet Shamar


A local kid looking for a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters is featured monthly on Newschannel 3.

Meet Shamar, a kid looking for someone who can keep up. If you like football then you'll like Shamar and he'll like you.

Football is pretty much his whole life at this point. He's kind of like a free agent and he would consider an offer from the following NFL teams:

Shamar said, "I'll play for the Panthers, the New York Giants or the Lions. Yeah? Or the Green Bay Packers"

He wants to be a wide receiver and wants to find a Big Brother to play catch with him, but you better be fast.

"I was the fastest runner in my class." Shamar said, "I'm probably not faster than a cheetah, but I'm going to be up there. I'll probably be like five feet away from him.”

That's fair and on his perfect day with a Big Brother, he'd be very fair, too.

He said, "Half of the day we'd do what he wants to do and the other half of the day we'd play football and sports."

Football, football and more football. That's the name of the game for Shamar.

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