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8-6-18 - Meet Kimari

8-6-18 - Meet Kimari. (WWMT)

The Kalamazoo chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters is on a mission to match 60 kids in need of mentors with local adults who've got some time to give to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

Meet 8-year-old Kimari, a special kid and he knows he likes some things that other kids may not

Kimari said, "I watch the Nature Channel"

He loves the Nature Channel, especially marine life.

Kimari said, "I like whales. I like how they jump out of the water and I like sharks and I do different stuff."

When he's not studying schools of fish, he's enjoying lunch and recess at school, especially kickball. But he wants to play a different kind of ball when he grows up.

Kimari said, "A football player."

Or a baseball player.

For anyone keeping score, he also wants a Big Brother before he grows up. He knows all about being one himself

Kimari said, "My little brother Major, he is a little baby. He wouldn't understand what I'm doing. He's a little bit bad, but not a lot. He's fun to play with."

Kimari's perfect day with a Big Brother he'd go to SkyZone, then the park and then out to eat. Maybe you'd be the perfect person to take him.

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