4-3-2017 Meet Victoria

4-3-2017 Meet Victoria

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Every month, Newschannel 3 tries to match local boys and girls with adult mentors and our partnership with Big Brothers Big sisters has been a successful one.

Newschannel 3 Anchor Andy Dominianni introduces Victoria.

6-year-old Victoria wanted me to know right off the bat that her birthday's coming up… kind of.

She said, "July number 10th, 2010."

So we'll say she's “almost” a 7-year-old. Speaking of seven, that's how many pets she has.

She said, "I've got seven pets.”

Dominianni: “Seven pets?! What are they?”

Victoria: “Two dogs, two cats and three fishes"

Victoria likes to cuddle with her dogs and play outside and draw. She also loves school, especially, "Art and music and gym."

She is looking for a Big Sister to spend some time with at the beach or the Air Zoo - or the regular zoo.

She's full of energy and cute as a button and don't forget, "July number 10th, 2010."

Maybe you'd like to celebrate her upcoming birthday, too.

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