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12-3-18 - Meet Matthew

12-3-18 - Meet Matthew. (WWMT/Andy Dominianni)

Every month on Newschannel 3 we try to match an area boy or girl with an adult mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This month we want you to meet Matthew.

Matthew, 8, is a young man with a plan. A plan to become an Emergency Medical Technician when he grows up.

Matthew said, “Because I want to save people's lives and when people get hurt I care for them"

He's a caring kid who excels in school, likes math and science, and plays football with his friends on the weekends.

Matthew loves football. His favorite teams are the Lions and Ohio State, but he had an explanation for liking Ohio State.

Matthew said, “Because my dad is from Cleveland."

To know Matthew is to love him. He's a great kid who just wants a Big Brother.

Matthew said, “I can play with him more and he can help me with my homework and he can take me out to eat.”

He would want to go to Appleby’s to eat and he already knows what to order.

Matthew said, “The hot boneless wings."

You can't go wrong with boneless wings and if you've ever thought about becoming a Big Brother, you can't go wrong with Matthew

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