12-04-17 - Meet Khaliyah

12-04-17 - Meet Khaliyah.

Newschannel 3 works with the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters to match young kids with mentors.

Khaliyah is a little girl that has big plans for Christmas.

“What is this?” she said as she pulled at the microphone attached to her shirt.

Khaliyah wasn't so sure she liked the microphone during the interview, but she wasn't shy about what she does like. On her perfect day with a Big Sister she said, “Go to Sky Zone and go shopping"

Khaliyah also does well in school. She likes solving math problems and something called "Explode the Code"

She said, "Where you have to like fix and spell the words right."

But there's one problem she has yet to solve. She wants a big sister for Christmas.

So maybe someone can make this a very merry Christmas for Khaliyah.

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