11-06-17 - Meet Calvin

11/06/17 - Meet Calvin.

Calvin is all boy. He's about football and basketball and hanging out with his buddies.

Calvin said, "I like to play football and I do. I like to play basketball. And I play football with my brother and my friends."

He does well in school, he likes math and gym class, both handy skills as he counts down the days until he can, hopefully, enter the NFL draft.

Only in gym class, he wants to call the shots…

He said, "when we get to pick what games we want to play, when we don't have to do run around the thing for a little bit and then do some games. We can just do games for the whole time we're there."

On his perfect day with a big brother, Calvin would play games and then chow down

He said, "Go to a restaurant"

There's much more to learn about Calvin, but he's pretty quick on his feet, so catch him if you can.

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