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07–02–18 - Meet Hunter

07–02–18 - Meet Hunter.

Newschannel 3 works with Big Brothers Big Sisters every month to profile a child hoping to match them with adult mentors.

Hunter, 8, couldn't be more excited for summer vacation and is all about fun.

Hunter said, "I usually like going out to recess."

But he also loves reading and his teachers

Hunter said, "There's this teacher called Miss Crouch and I actually think she's pretty nice."

He's just out of 3rd grade and on Cloud Nine about going to camp this summer.

Hunter said, "So, I have this thing called church camp and we have so much fun, it's actually really fun."

And it would actually be really fun for Hunter to find a Big Brother.

"I want a Big Brother to have fun with me." He said, "maybe like on a hot day we could go to the pool and on a cold day we could like go to SkyZone and jump around and get heat in my body, so I get warmer."

If that sounds like fun to you, maybe Hunter is the right match for you.

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