06-04-18 - Meet Savannah

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Each month Newschannel 3 partners with Big Brothers and Big Sisters to find mentors for local kids and as we head into summer the value of an adult mentor to these kids becomes even more critical.

This month meet a sweet little girl named Savannah. Savannah is a fun loving 10-year-old girl who is about to finish 3rd grade.

Savannah said, “I like math and I like recess.”

She plays on the slide and the tire swing during recess and anything and everything with her friends on the weekends.

Savannah said, "Sometimes if my friends are outside I play with them.”

Andy Dominianni: “So, what about this summer? What do you think you might want to do this summer for fun?

Savannah: “Probably go swimming!"

While that would probably be fun there is no doubt that Savannah wants a Big Sister.

Savannah said, "I just want to have a Big Sister because I just want to play with her and have fun with her."

And her perfect day with a Big Sister would be all about fun.

Andy Dominianni: "And you do anything you wanted or go anywhere you wanted, what would want to do?”

Savannah: “We would probably get ice cream and go to the park and have fun.”

AD: “Yeah? What kind of ice cream?

Savannah: “Vanilla or strawberry.”

Strawberry just like her shirt and sweet, just like Savannah.

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