05-07-18 – Meet Myquez


Newschannel 3 helps the kids at Big Brother and Big Sisters who are looking for mentors every month and for May, Newschannel 3’s Andy Dominianni had the tables turned on him and the interviewer became the interviewee.

Myquez, 7, loves math. We tried to stump him right off the bat by asking him to add our favorite number; 3.

Andy Dominianni said, “3 plus 3?”

Myquez said, “Six.”

“Good for you!”

But Myquez isn't all work and no play.

He said, "I play with my best friend.”

AD: “What do you play?”

Myquez: “We play tag, hot lava, and some other thing and we slip and make our butts cold.”

And being a cop sounds fun to first-grader Myquez. Sure to protect and serve, but also to break down doors.

Myquez said, "Because I want to go to people's house and I want to bust in the house if they lock the door.”

AD: “You want to break the door down?”

Myquez: “I want to kick the door down or go get the thing and bust it down"

He'd also like to break some eggs with a big brother, because one of his favorite things to do is cook breakfast.

Myquez said, "I would cook some scrambled eggs, some boiled eggs, some bacon and some crispy rice treats. Rice crispy treats"

And just at the end of our interview Myquez turned the tables on me.

Myquez: "How about I ask you some questions?”

AD: “Go right ahead.”

Myquez: “How old are you?”

AD: “45.”

Myquez: “My mom is 26.”

AD: “Your mom is 26?"

Great, that means I could be his grandfather, but that's not what Myquez is looking for. He wants a Big Brother and that could be you.

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