04-02-18 - Meet Mijanay

04-02-18 - Meet Mijanay.

Every month a local boy or girl who is looking for a mentor is profiled and this month WWMT’s Andy Dominianni talked with a 9-year-old girl and what she's looking for in a Big Sister.

Mijanay is 9-years-old, loves math, and loves to talk about all the problem-solving skills she's learning in 4th grade

Mijanay said, "Division, multiplication, addition, subtraction, putting bigger numbers into smaller numbers."

When she's not doing math, she adds her group of friends to whatever game she's playing.

She said, "We play tag at home. You play tag at home. We play hide-and-go seek. Good! We play a lot of things; freeze tag, sharks and minnows."

Mijanay loves gymnastics and showed off a few moves. On her perfect day with a Big Sister, she would like to go get smoothies and then go get beautiful.

Mijanay said, "I'd like to go get our nails done."

And she wants to a medical assistant when she grows up that's a way she can help people. Maybe you can help her help others by becoming her Big Sister.

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