03-05-18 - Meet Tory

03-05-18 - Meet Tory.

Summer will be here before you know it, which is when local kids need guidance more than ever and Big Brothers and Big Sisters would like to pair you up with a little.

Meet a very talented and witty kid named Tory.

Tory, 12, is bursting at the seams with talent and energy. He made up a channel 3 rap on the spot and his talents extend to school.

He likes everything about his middle school experience.

Tory said, "I like my teachers, I like doing work. I like gym."

When he's not in school, Tory also like to play the Xbox and make music, whether it is on piano, singing, or dancing.

Most of all he wants to get out more.

He said, "Go outside. Go places, Have fun"

On Tory's perfect day with a Big Brother he would, "probably go to the movies. Then probably go out to eat and get some help with my homework."

Homework is high on his list. This is a kid who's really going places. Maybe you'd like to help him get there.

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