02-05-18 - Meet Bella

02-05-18 - Meet Bella.

Big Brothers Big Sisters organization pairs a mentor with a local boy or girl, someone to spend a few hours with them every couple of weeks, after school or on the weekends.

A small investment of time can make a big difference in these kid's lives.

Kids like Bella.

Bella, 9, is a born explorer. She's discovered all the cool things at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, but when it's not so cold you can find her enjoying the great outdoors.

Bella said, "I like to climb trees."

But Bella admits that climbing trees is a lot more fun in the summer.

She said, "Now everyone can see me because the leaves are all gone.”

Bella also likes school, especially reading and social studies, which she knows help her prepare for her career as a Kalamazoo Public Safety officer.

She said, "Because I want to protect the citizens of Kalamazoo"

On her perfect day with a Big Sister in Kalamazoo, she would play board games and then get a nice juicy steak, which is her favorite food.

To meet Bella, or another kid looking for a mentor, call Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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