01-08-18 - Meet Kaniya

01-08-18 - Meet Kaniya.

Every month Newschannel3 has a profile on a local boy or girl who is looking for mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

Kaniya is 9-years-old and a 4th grader who likes math and writing. She's also a self-described, “girly-girl” who loves exploring the mall, as much as museums.

She and her friends like to shop.

Kaniya said, "Cute clothes. Yeah, and shoes.”

She likes shoes that are, “Pink, purple, blue and red.”

And Kaniya would add a lot of color to someone's life. She's looking for a Big Sister who's a “girly-girl” too.

On her perfect day with a Big Sister:

She said, "Go bike riding. Get our hair done and our nails and have fun.”

And after the day of fun they could go to dinner for pizza.

Kaniya knows what she wants to be when she grows up. With a little bit of luck and a lot of school she hopes to find herself in the neonatal unit of a hospital.

She said, “"I like babies a lot."

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