West Michigan Weather

Scattered Showers ... Rain Tonight ... Nice Weekend


Thursday:  Mostly cloudy, warmer, and breezy with some showers, especially this morning.  Highs in the lower 60s, even at the Lake Shore.  Winds ESE 15-25 mph.  

Thursday Night:  Rain develops, mainly after midnight, and breezy.  Lows in the middle 40s.  Winds E 15-25 mph.  

Friday:  Rainy in the morning then turning drier with some afternoon sun developing.  Breezy.  Highs in the lower 60s.  Winds E-NW 15-25 mph.  

Saturday:  Partly sunny, cooler, and breezy.  Highs in the upper 50s.  Winds NW 15-25 mph. 

Sunday:  Mostly cloudy and breezy with a few showers possible.  Highs in the upper 50s.  Winds E 15-25 mph.  


Good morning!  It's almost Friday!  We're tracking light rain west of US 131 as you head back to work and school.  Not all of it is reaching the ground as rain runs into dry air.  Still, a few showers are in your forecast, especially this morning.  We are mostly cloudy, a bit warmer than yesterday, and breezy.  Rain is most likely after midnight tonight and throughout your Friday morning commute.  The great thing about this bout of rain is it won't negatively impact our still high rivers, and it's gone for the afternoon and your Friday night plans.  Friday's highs are in the lower 60s.  

Your weekend is a bit cooler, but mostly quiet.  We have the chance of a shower Sunday.  What's more likely is a steadier rain by Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday.  Rain comes with unusually cool temperatures defined by upper 40s to middle 50s.  

Have a great Thursday!  We're LIVE on the air right now, and we want your company!  Remember, we connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram while you're getting ready for work and school and all day long.  Join us this morning!