West Michigan Weather

Rip Currents Through Bed Time Mean No Swimming ... Hail Producing Storms Return Tomorrow ... Watch Keith Thompson At 5!


Monday Afternoon:  Quite cool with clouds breaking for some sun, especially toward dinner.  Windy with an isolated shower possible through mid afternoon.  Dangerous rip currents at the Lake Shore alongside 10 foot waves; no swimming.  Highs in the upper 60s to near 70, near 60 to middle 60s at the Lake Shore.  Winds NNW 15-30 mph with higher gusts.  

Monday Night:  Plenty of clouds and cool with lighter winds.  Lows in the middle 50s.  Winds NW 5-10 mph.  

Tuesday:  Partly sunny, cool, and breezy with showers and thunderstorms developing around midday and continuing in the afternoon.  Storms produce hail with a 5% risk for a SEVERE T'STORM WARNING according to the Storm Prediction Center.  Highs in the middle 70s.  Winds WNW 15-25 mph.   

Wednesday:  Partly sunny and continued cool with spotty showers developing in the afternoon.  Not everyone sees rain.  Highs in the middle 70s.  Winds WNW 10-20 mph.   

Thursday:  Partly sunny, a bit warmer, and breezy with here and there showers in the afternoon.  Highs in the upper 70s.  Winds SW-NW 15-25 mph.  

Friday:  Partly sunny and a bit warmer with another round of showers, weak thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon.  Highs near 80.  Winds SW 10-15 mph.  


Good afternoon!  Clouds are begrudingly giving way to some mid-September like sun.  Many of us won't even see 70 degrees.  These tepid conditions take a back seat when 10 foot waves are already confirmed at Warren Dunes State Park in Berrien county.  This type of wave action comes along with unsafe rip currents, structural currents, and long form currents making swimming difficult for even the most expert swimmers, surfers.  We firmly say no swimming, not just this afternoon, but through tonight.  

While a shower could arise near and southeast of Kalamazoo, West Michigan is largely dry and windy.  Our cool temperatures transition to lower and middle 50s tonight, but clouds are a good bet.  Winds, fortunately, relax before picking back up tomorrow afternoon.  Speaking of, tomorrow is a lock for more hail production in a nod to our very cool pattern and an accessible freezing level.  The Storm Prediction Center maintains a 5% risk of severe weather due to large hail for nearly all of the lower Peninsula.  Storms are most likely from midday and beyond, we'll watch them closely.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday contain spotty, afternoon showers while temperatures slowly warm from the middle 70s to near 80 degrees.  Friday is the first day of August, and the average high is 84 degrees.  Just below average temperatures are where the first weekend of August begins: highs near 80 with a possible, afternoon shower.  Sunday appears to be our only completely dry day before another thunderstorom threat materializes early next week.  

Have a great afternoon, and evening!  Check in with Chief Meteorologist Keith Thompson's fresh forecast LIVE at 5 PM!  We're always connecting with you on #Twitter (@weathermankeith, @JPorterWWMT), Facebook, and Instagram!