West Michigan Weather

Freezing Drizzle & Flurries Could Create Slick Spots ... Cloudy & Dry Through Saturday ... Some Sunday Sunshine ... Join Us!


Thursday:  Mostly cloudy with flurries and freezing drizzle, which could create some slippery areas on our roads.  Highs in the middle 30s.  Winds NW 10-20 mph.  

Thursday Night:  Mostly cloudy with flurries and freezing drizzle; a couple of slick spots are possible.  Lows in the middle 20s.  Winds NNW 5 mph.  

Friday:  Mostly cloudy and a bit colder.  Highs near freezing.  Winds NW-NE 5-10 mph.  

Saturday:  Mostly cloudy and seasonably cold.  Highs in the middle 30s.  Winds SE 5-10 mph.  

Sunday:  Partly sunny and not as cold.  Highs in the middle to upper 30s.  Winds SSE 10-20 mph.  

Monday:  Mostly cloudy, a bit milder, and breezy with rain and snow showers developing.  Highs near 40.  Winds SE 15-25 mph.  


Good morning!  It's almost Friday!  Today's weather will be much like what we've had plenty of the past few days: lots of clouds and lots of cold air. There is a small chance that we'll have a few breaks in the clouds allowing a little sunshine to peek through, but not much (if any) is expected. In the meantime, a WNW wind will keep funneling the chilly air in. High temperatures today will be in the lower 30s, a few degrees colder than what is typical for this time of year. A flurry or two isn't out of the question, but for the most part, we'll be dry.

A quiet weather pattern is setting up shop over West Michigan for the next few days. From today through Sunday, we'll be precipitation free, with a little bit of sun possible, particularly on Friday and Saturday. Daytime temperatures will slowly moderate over the weekend, warming to the middle to upper 30s. The next significant action on the horizon for West Michigan begins late Monday, when an approaching disturbance may bring a little rain and/or rain-snow mix.

Tuesday, what could be a whopper or a winter storm begins rapid development just to our south and begins heading our way. We'll likely see rain and slightly warmer temperatures, with highs in the lower 40s. Coming just a couple of days before Christmas, it will look like our hopes for a white holiday will be dashed. But then, as the storm strengthens dramatically late Tuesday and moves to our northeast, much colder air arrives from the west-northwest and snow becomes likely.

At this time, forecast models suggest a very powerful storm will be centered to the northeast of Lake Huron Christmas Eve, bringing a strong, cold wind to West Michigan, with snow showers likely. The scenario currently being portrayed could easily feature winds of 50 mph or so. Important reminder: this is still several days away, and the model solutions could change dramatically between now and then, so stay tuned!

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