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Snow, cold taking their toll on homes and structures in W. Mich.

WEST MICHIGAN (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The deep snow and frigid temperatures are taking a toll on our homes. For two West Michigan businesses, the heavy snow caused their roofs to come crashing down.

"[It] blew the back door out blew the insulation 60-80 feet away from the building," said Dusty DeCair, Owner of Marshall Township business.

DeCair shows us what's left of his former re-sale business. Nearly 1/3 of his building is now covered in ice and snow. The furniture left standing is caked in insulation.

He's now wishing he would have gone with his gut and cleared the snow.

"I hate to say this and sound crazy but im gunna be getting up there screwing up the roof as far as the shingles and everything else and i thought you know what it will be fine I'm not gunna have any problems," said DeCair.

Roofing experts say the time to call is now, before we're hit with another storm. Be sure to watch for icicles forming because once you have an ice dam, it has to go somewhere.

Another pricey mistake, is a burst pipe.

Ted Malpass says business has been up more than 75 percent from last year. Responding to many calls that can leave behind a big price tag.

The biggest mistake he sees customers making now, is lowering the heat too much.

"65 degrees is about as low as I would go. Insulation is nice but it doesn't generate any heat so in this weather they need to be in heated space," said Malpass.

"If you can run both the hot and cold water and have that pencil size stream you've done pretty much what you can do," said Malpass.