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Neighbors seek answers as police investigate body found in snow

HOLLAND, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A man was found dead in the snow in Holland, and police believe he may have been there for a full day before his body was discovered.

Someone found the 38-year-old man late Monday night outside the Amberwood Apartments in Ottawa County. Police found the man dead in the snow, next to his car, with the engine still running.

Police say the man's family reported him missing after he didn't show up for work on Sunday night.

When they arrived at his apartment, that's when they found him dead in the snow next to his car.

Police say it's clear the man suffered some kind of head trauma, and that's why at this point they are calling his death suspicious.

For hours--possibly even a full day--the body of a 38-year-old man lay in the snow outside his apartment, and no one noticed.

"The car was sitting right here; just warming up was what it looked like," said neighbor Mike Plumb.

In fact, Plumb says he drove by the man and the car multiple times, and never saw a thing.

"I drove back and forth trying to find a spot because where I usually park is in that snowbank over there and I drove by a couple times and it was just sitting there," he explained. "I wouldn't have even thought twice to look down and the ground and find somebody laying there."

Another neighbor, Duylan Reilly, tells us he went outside around 7 p.m. on Monday and saw the car.

"His car was on, I thought it was warming up--went back inside," he said. "I was probably less than 15 feet away from the guy."

But Reilly says he never saw him.

"We had all that massive snowfall--we probably got over a foot and it probably just covered him up," he said.

Neighbors like Plumb didn't know what happened until police knocked on their doors Tuesday morning.

"I was pretty shocked--extremely shocked to find out that somebody was actually dead laying there next to the car," Plumb said.

Looking back he wonders if he could have helped.

"I literally sent a text to my mom--like showing her this, and I was like, I had a chance to be a real hero and just completely blew it--I had no idea though; its kinda shocking and sad," Plumb said.

Right now he and many of his neighbors are just looking for answers.

"It is kinda concerning especially that its suspicious," Plumb said. "To know actually what happened would be nice--considering I live here."

At this point, police are still not releasing the victim's identity.

They are waiting on autopsy results that they hope will help them piece together what happened.