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Police working to keep guns out of the wrong hands

Updated: Wednesday, February 20 2013, 04:06 PM EST
Police working to keep guns out of the wrong hands story image
BATTLE CREEK (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There are ways police are making sure right now that guns aren’t ending up in the wrong hands.

The Battle Creek Police Gang Unit shows us it’s happening more often and in more ways than you might think.

“Most of the guns we find are not fully automatic, they're not tricked out,” said Sgt. Jeffrey Case, Battle Creek Police.

Sergeant Jeffrey Case with the Battle Creek Police Gang Unit, showed off some of the illegal guns taken off the streets.

14 and counting, so far this year. 153 guns were seized in searches or raids in 2011 and it spiked to 536 in 2012.

Their big focus right now: Straw Purchases. This illegal trade starts from a legitimate transaction.

“Purchasing for those that can't be legally purchased, because of their background,” said Sgt. Case.

“We're not concerned with legitimate law abiding citizens. Those people that are committing felonious assaults, armed robberies or younger gang related kids, that's our focus,” said Sgt. Case.
Police working to keep guns out of the wrong hands
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