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Branch Co. business destroyed by fire

Updated: Tuesday, March 5 2013, 09:28 PM EST
Branch Co. business destroyed by fire story image
QUINCY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A fire destroyed a Branch County business on Tuesday morning.

Flames ripped through the Longstreet Furniture Store in the Village of Quincy, and now, the owners are assessing the damage.

Hundreds of pieces of furniture were lost in the tangled, charred mess, but even still, firefighters are saying it could have been much worse.

"All these buildings are connected together, so we were able to make that stop and save three-quarters of the business," said Chief Kurt Barve, from the Quincy Fire Department.

More than 60 firefighters from 8 departments, including one from Indiana, worked for hours to put the blaze out and keep it from spreading through the entire complex of buildings at Longstreet Furniture.

While some of his livelihood is still standing, owner Wade Longstreet is struggling to find a silver lining.

"This is our busy time, so we have lots of inventory," Longstreet said. "Worst time it could ever happen."

All the inventory made the fire especially hard to fight, Barve said.

"It's packed floor to ceiling with furniture--reminders, beds, mattresses," he explained.

It's more than just a business; for the Longstreet family, it's a home away from home, and now it's unrecognizable.

Still, they vow to be there for their customers, and say they will rebuild.

"This is just a hiccup," Longstreet said. "We have a store in Marshall, we have a store in Sturgis."

The State Fire Marshall has been called out to help determine exactly what caused the fire.

We're told that could take some time.
Branch Co. business destroyed by fire
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