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The National Weather Service issues a DENSE FOG ADVISORY for all of West Michigan until 10 AM.  Fog may linger in some locations until midday.  Light winds, ample moisture near the ground are encouraging the formation of dense fog.  Because temperatures are near freezing, a light coating of ice may form on some road surfaces making them slick.  Please keep it safe this morning as you head back to work and school.

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After Dorner's death, controversy continues

Updated: Saturday, February 16 2013, 12:36 PM EST
After Dorner
LOS ANGELES (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - California police say they now know how former Los Angeles cop Christopher Dorner died.

Tuesday's standoff ended a week-long manhunt for Dorner, who was believed to be behind a string of shootings.

The end came at a cabin in Big Bear Lake, where Dorner exchanged gunfire with law enforcement, before the cabin burst into flames.

Police say a single gunshot was heard as the cabin began to burn, indicating that Dorner took his own life.

Now, the controversy concerns whether or not the fire was intentionally set by law enforcement to try to coax Dorner out.

Police are denying that the fire was intentional.

The San Bernadino Sheriff says they are investigating who made remarks on radio calls, and that the matter will be dealt with appropriately.
After Dorner's death, controversy continues
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