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The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids issues a DENSE FOG ADVISORY until 11 AM for nearly every county in West Michigan save for Berrien, Cass, St. Joe, and Branch counties.  Recent, heavy rainfall, and light winds are the perfect combination for fog production.  Visibilities may be as low as 1/4 mile or lower; that's enough to drastically change how you drive.  Please keep it safe this morning and travel slower, if you have to.  Additional stopping distance isn't a bad idea either.  Stay with for the latest weather updates!  

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Pizza Hut soliciting proposal stories

Updated: Thursday, February 13 2014, 12:33 AM EST
Pizza Hut soliciting proposal stories story image
(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Pizza Hut is looking for love--literally.

It now has an OK Cupid account.

The account was actually made to announce a Valentine's Day contest, wherein the company is asking people to send in their most creative proposal to Pizza Hut, through Twitter or Instagram.

If the pizza chain decides you're the one, they'll surprise you with the greatest proposal ever--free pizza for life.
Pizza Hut soliciting proposal stories
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FERGUSON, Missouri (AP) -- Some celebrities with ties to the St. Louis area are speaking out about the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri -- and the police shooting of an 18-year-old that sparked the protests. Rap star Nelly has been among the most vocal, appearing at a rally this past weekend and again on Monday night. He grew up in St. Louis -- not far from Ferguson. He has called for calm in the area. Actor Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" fame describes the area near Ferguson as his neighborhood. He says he hopes that once all the facts are in, that justice will be done.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- David Letterman considered himself a friend of Robin Williams, as well as a comedy colleague. And he says even as someone who has known Williams for decades, he didn't see his death coming, especially as it did by his own hand. Letterman says he had no idea Williams was in so much emotional pain -- even as he was being one of the funniest people on the planet. Letterman paid tribute to Williams on his show Monday night -- a week after the world learned of his suicide. Letterman talked about how a group of comedians working the Comedy Store in Los Angeles thought they might have to find another line of work after hearing Williams perform as a newcomer.

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NEW YORK (AP) -- Just as Don Pardo's voice made "Saturday Night Live" special, everyone knows it just won't be the same without him, now that he has died. Who will be the replacement? The man who runs SNL doesn't know -- and says he's glad he has about a month to figure out what to do. Lorne Michaels says when SNL first went on the air, he was given a list of staff announcers -- and when he saw Pardo's name, he knew he had to have him aboard. Michaels describes Pardo as the show's "link to the beginnings of television on NBC." Pardo died Monday at age 96.

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MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Dwayne Johnson says he will be taking on a role in an upcoming movie based on DC Comics. Only trouble is he hasn't decided whether to play Shazam or his arch-nemesis Black Adam. While he hasn't come down on one side or the other, he seems to be hinting toward the darker role. He says he has always been a fan of anti-heroes -- and that one of his favorite DC Comics characters is Black Adam. Either way, Johnson says movie fans won't be shortchanged. He promises to put his heart, soul and bones into the role.

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BEIJING (AP) -- Jackie Chan's son has become the latest celebrity caught up in China's crackdown on drugs. Jaycee Chan, an actor himself, was detained late last week along with a Taiwanese movie star. Police say both actors tested positive for pot -- and admitted smoking weed. Authorities also say 100 grams of pot were taken from Chan's home. A statement from Chan's management team apologizes to the public for the "social impact" caused by the drug bust. China's president declared back in June that illegal drugs should be wiped out and that offenders would be severely punished.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Bob Marley is the latest musician whose work will be the subject of a musical. A Baltimore theater says it will roll out the world premiere of "Marley" around the middle of next year. The show focuses on the years between 1975 and 1978, when Marley survived an attempted assassination in his native Jamaica and went into exile in London. It will feature sings like "Jamming," "Three Little Birds" and "Roots, Rock, Reggae."