Norway offers dog sled taxi service

Updated: Wednesday, February 5 2014, 12:32 AM EST
Norway offers dog sled taxi service story image
NORWAY (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Forget stretch limos--in Norway, the fanciest way to get from the airport to a hotel is a ride on the world's first dog sled taxi.

The new venture just launched this week.

The service takes passengers from Kirkenes Airport to the nearby Kirkenes Snow Hotel via a 45 minute trek through snowy mountains.

It's a one-of-a-kind experience with a high price tag--about $370.
Norway offers dog sled taxi service
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VENICE, Italy (AP) -- He's been one of the world's most eligible bachelors -- and had vowed for decades that he wouldn't take the plunge again. All of that's all over for George Clooney -- and the women who swoon over him. The actor and human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin tied the knot in Venice, Italy, over the weekend. The ceremony took place in a luxury hotel. Cindy Crawford, Matt Damon and Bill Murray were among the celebrity guests spotted in Venice. Yesterday, the couple emerged and their new wedding bands glinted under the Venetian sun. Today, the new Mr. and Mrs. Clooney held a civil ceremony, also in Venice. For more than two decades, Clooney's love life has been tabloid fodder as he carried on romances with a series of beauties -- including a cocktail waitress and a former pro wrestler.

AP correspondent Trisha Thomas reports there was one funny incident before the wedding when George Clooney's boat was delayed.

<<CUT ..003 (09/29/14)>> 00:12 "activities to continue"

Trisha Thomas

AP correspondent Trisha Thomas reports that even though the wedding is over, there will be another ceremony on Monday.

<<CUT ..004 (09/29/14)>> 00:09 "as a city"

Lara Constantini

Lara Costantini says the George Clooney wedding is a big deal.

<<CUT ..005 (09/29/14)>> 00:12 ""

Sound of reporters shouting to George Clooney

Sound of reporters shouting to George Clooney to "show us the ring" as Clooney and his new wife, Amal Alamuddin, left their hotel by boat in the Grand Canal.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Denzel Washington is beyond equal. His thriller "The Equalizer" has a big opening weekend -- taking in $35 million. It's the third best in Washington's long career, showing he still has star power. Washington will turn 60 in December. "The Maze Runner" drops to second. "The Boxtrolls" -- a stop-action animated family film -- opens in third. "This Is Where I Leave You" and "Dolphin Tale 2" place fourth and fifth this weekend.

It's a big opening weekend for Denzel Washington. The AP's Jamie Friar looks at the weekend box office figures.

<<CUT ..008 (09/29/14)>> 00:11 "make an exception"

Sound of Denzel Washington

Sound of Denzel Washington in a scene from "The Equalizer."


MALIBU, California (AP) -- A close call for Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini over the weekend. Authorities say their SUV was rear-ended by a hit-and-run driver. J-Lo's two children were also in the vehicle. Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies say a suspected drunk driver rear-ended J-Lo's SUV, which Remini was driving. The accident occurred at a stop light and no one was hurt. The man drove off as the drivers were about to exchange information. Deputies say the man was stopped a short distance away. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of drunken driving and hit and run. TMZ first reported the crash.


NEW YORK (AP) -- He spends a lot of time dressed as a woman in his movies. Now, Tyler Perry will be taking on the role of dad in real life. Perry has confirmed that he and his girlfriend Gelila Bekele are expecting a child. There had been talk that the moviemaker and his girlfriend were expecting, but he didn't make a public statement until Friday at the New York Film Festival. Perry was in New York to promote his latest film, "Gone Girl."


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It's hard to think of Idris Elba as being anything other than the smooth, suave type he seems to be in movies or on TV. But he says he wasn't always that way. He says when he was growing up, he had some growing up to do when it came to dealing with the ladies. Elba acknowledges that he "wasn't that guy that was real smooth" because he was "super shy." He says he even has used his shyness to his advantage in auditions. He says he'd be meek and quiet -- but when asked to perform, he'd blow people away with his more intense side. Elba stars in "No Good Deed," alongside Taraji P. Henson, who is also the movie's executive producer.

Idris Elba says he used his shy nature to help him get roles early on. ((note length of cut))


NEW YORK (AP) -- Terry Crews has a unique perspective on pro football and women -- as a former NFL player, a married man -- and father of four daughters. He says the attitude of athletes toward woman is well rooted in society. He says it starts in high school -- when the players who score touchdowns get the pretty girls. And even in business and society, the idea of a "trophy wife" is cherished. But Crews says if domestic violence is to end, it will take men -- men who aren't afraid to speak out if a woman is threatened or assaulted. Crews says if more men like him speak out on the subject, it will make the abuse of women -- in all its forms -- go away.

Terry Crews says football culture often treats women as rewards, not fellow human beings. ((Longer version of cut used in wrap))

<<CUT ..011 (09/29/14)>> 00:10 "me look good"

Terry Crews

Terry Crews says the idea of women being trophies isn't just limited to sports.

<<CUT ..012 (09/29/14)>> 00:08 "wrong with her"

Terry Crews

Terry Crews says the marginalization of women goes beyond the field of play.

<<CUT ..013 (09/29/14)>> 00:07 "in the NFL"

Terry Crews

Terry Crews says it's up to men to stand up to domestic abuse. ((Longer version of cut used in wrap))


NEW YORK (AP) -- ABC turned its Thursday night schedule over to Shonda Rhimes -- and she didn't disappoint. Her newest show, "How to Get Away With Murder" was seen by 14.3 million people for its debut episode. Meanwhile one of her holdover shows, "Scandal" had 12.2 million viewers -- its largest audience ever.