Special Report: How one Kalamazoo man survived the Detroit riots

A Kalamazoo man serving in the National Guard who was at the heart of the Detroit riots, and who was the subject of this Life Magazine cover story, revisited Detroit 50 years later.

He was dropped off in the middle of the most violent riots in American history, with no supplies and no support.

David Snyder, a Kalamazoo resident who was in the Michigan National Guard, was assigned to Detroit in the middle of the upheaval. He also was a subject of a magazine article that looked at the riots and the people caught in the turmoil.

Now, 50 years later, Snyder revisited the places where he served, and talked with Newschannel 3's Andy Dominianni about the experience and how it affected his life.

The special report airs Tuesday, Sept. 12, and will be published on

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