NAACP urging repeal of Michigan's emergency manager law

Governor Snyder

LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The national NAACP President and CEO are meeting with Governor Snyder Wednesday to discuss the Flint water crisis.

They plan to present a list of 15 priorities drawn up by the organization during a meeting Tuesday night.

It includes a call to repeal Michigan's emergency manager law since emergency management made the decision to switch to Flint River water in 2014.

They also want to hire local kids to distribute bottled water instead of the National Guard.

Meanwhile, the lead-tainted water has gotten the attention of the United Nations.

The organization's expert on hazardous substances says the U.N. is now looking at the situation from a quote -- "human rights lens."

This comes as Governor Rick Snyder requests additional medical services for all Flint residents under the age of 21.

It would expand Medicaid eligibility for everyone under the age of 21 impacted by lead exposure. There would also be additional community-based resources to provide physical and behavioral health treatment.

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