Legislators calling for investigation over Flint report

LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Legislators are pushing for a federal investigation into a botched Flint report.

Two Michigan state reps, including one from Flint, are demanding an investigation after another controversial lead report.

A Michigan radio station reported the Department of Environmental Quality knowingly dropped two lead test samples to avoid exceeding a federal drinking water standard.

They're also calling on the governor to remove the director of the Department of Environmental Quality.

Meanwhile, Flint is sending out its first water shutoff notices since a judge's ruling temporarily halted the practice in August.

About 1,800 notices for past-due accounts are expected to be mailed out this week.

The notices only cover debts from water bills issued since the city decreased water and sewer rates to comply with a circuit court judge's orders.

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