Governor to take action over lead in Flint water supply

FLINT, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Governor Rick Snyder is pledging to take action this week or next on the concerning amounts of lead turning up in Flint's water.

Meanwhile, residents in the city continue to suffer the consequences.

"I have to buy about 4 to 5 cases of water for drinking and cooking. Plus I have to buy the big jugs for the cooking," said resident Jessie Ford.

Flint's water is leaching lead from old pipe as it flows into homes.

The water is coming from the Flint River, which is treated, but it still has some corrosive features.

Doctors last week urged the city to stop using river water after a recent report revealed blood tests shows high levels of lead in Huron.

Flint is using water from the Flint River until a pipeline to Lake Huron is ready next year.

The governor's office says it is working to provide hundreds of faucet filters to people.

Flint's water concerns will also be the topic of the city's public works committee meeting Wednesday afternoon.