Flint residents weigh in on proposal for permanent drinking water source

Flint residents able to voice their concerns with the city's plan to keep receiving water from Great Lakes Water Authority. (Photo Credit: drew Moore/WSMH)

Hundreds of Flint resident packed into the hall at House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church on Thursday evening. Officials with nearly every agency involved with the decision. Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is proposing to keep using the Great Lakes Water Authority, or GLWA, as its permanent water provider. GLWA will also pay approximately $7 Million dollars a year the city must now pay to the KWA bond. The move would basically shut down the water treatment plant and save the city tens of millions of dollars in upgrade costs. Money which Weaver says will now be used to fix the crumbling water main system underneath the city, thus in turn eventually lowering bills for customers. Flint Resident Sherman Mays says he’s skeptical of the idea.

“I’m not really trusting the outcome of this just yet. I haven’t seen all of the details. But we will see what happens,” Mays says.

Harold Harrington, also from Flint, says he was hoping the city would choose to upgrade the plant and treat its own water.

“A city of 100,000 people should be able to take care of their own water. There’s thirty jobs we’re going to lose because we will shut the plant down, and go with Detroit water,” Harrington says.

Arrests were also made at the meeting.

According to the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, they are holding people and charges are pending. There is no word on what the exact charges will be.

The Sheriff's Office also said that they can hold those they have arrested up to 48 hours.

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