New program giving Holland students a second chance

HOLLAND, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A new program is giving Lakeshore students a second chance at school.

Escape Ministries provides suspended or expelled students with a place to continue learning during their time off, and the kids tell Newschannel 3 it's changing their lives for the better.

Holland High students are getting a second chance, and are learning about the impact of bullying after being expelled or suspended.

It's all part of Escape Ministries Alternative Suspension Accountability Program--or ASAP.

The program started in September with six kids, and have now grown to nine.

The students are referred by administrators at Holland High, and are allowed to keep up on course work online.

"I just do what I have to do, take all my tests and everything," said Pedro Soto, who just started in ASAP. "I just seen what my brother was doing, how he dropped out of school; I didn't want to do the same thing."

The program is also giving kids the one-on-one attention and behavior management that many in this setting need over the long term.