Mother, son work to help community ravaged by Sandy

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A mother and her son are working to bring some hope to a community devastated by superstorm Sandy.

Nancy Demink was inspired by her son Billy and his teacher Pam Nyhoff, to create the project, called "Weaving Hope: One Rug at a Time."

Billy has autism, but that didn't stop him from making more than 100 rugs this past summer.

Nyhoff had learned to weave rugs on a large floor loom, which Nancy decided was the perfect skill to help a few victims of Sandy.

She picked the Breezy Point neighborhood in New York, where 135 homes were destroyed in the storm.

She vowed to give a rug to each of those families who lost their homes, as a symbol of hope and a welcome back as they rebuild their lives.

Now, Nancy is working to get those rugs to the families in New York.
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