Mother creates charity to get kids winter clothes

MATTAWAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - After seeing kids weather last year's harsh winter without proper gear, a West Michigan mom has created a charity to address the problem.

It's called Supplies for Success and helps to gather winter clothes for kids in need.

"Even at the kindergarten they recognize who has nice things and who doesn't and we want to even that playing field," said Andrea Lippert.

Andrea Lippert's basement has been transformed into a giant walk-in closet filled with supplies to start kids off on the right foot this school year.

"To have appropriate winter coats and snow pants and boots is a huge expense for a family," said Lippert.

After volunteering at her son's Mattawan school last winter she noticed a need and went to work, gathering supplies like new and gently used coats, boots, snow pants and gym shoes.

She works with the Food Packs programs that provide meals for struggling families to make sure all the essentials are coverage.

"So if we can help take away some of that economic stress for a parent when they have multiple kids that they have to buy all this gear for that's huge," said Lippert.

Last spring they helped dozens of kids have the right gear for the harsh winter.

"We don't really have any strict parameters on who gets things and who doesn't. It's kind of if you're just a family that's down on your luck right now, out of a job or just need some extra assistance that's what we're there for," said Lippert.

Lippert works with the teachers in both Mattawan early and later elementary to target kids who are in need.

All the items are given out discretely so they can stay under the radar.

"If they saw a need they contacted the family and discussed it with the family first because privacy is a huge piece to this whole organization," said Lippert.

The goal is to make sure the kids in Mattawan stay comfortable and confident, creating a better learning environment for all.

Supplies For Success is hosting an event this Saturday to give away items to kids in need. It's at the Mattawan Area Food Pantry from 9a.m. until noon.

Any families in Mattawan elementary schools are invited.

They take donations of new and used clothes, winter attire, shoes and backpacks. Right now they serve only kids in the Mattawan Elementary Schools.

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