Local school organizes Rocket Club for 5th graders

PLAINWELL, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A local school is looking to the stars in an effort to get students interested in science.

Star Elementary in Plainwell has organized a Rocket Club for the school's fifth graders.

The club meets for about an hour each week.

During that time, students build and launch 3 to 4 rockets. While they work, they also learn about space and science.

"We learn how to use the safety code to build and learn about space, science, and rockets," said 5th grader Ellysia Lopez. "And we fly them when we're done building them, and it's just a really neat club."

"Any time that you can get the kids hands involved and their minds involved in the same thing, they're going to learn and it's not going to be for the day or for the test, it's going to be probably for the rest of their lives," said 5th grade teacher Tim Roush.

Some of the students we spoke to say the club has inspired them to take more of an interest in science and possibly become one of the scientists of tomorrow.
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