Libin's celebrates 60 years in business

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Kalamazoo clothing shop is celebrating a big milestone: 60 years in business!

Now the owner of Libin's is sharing his secrets to success with Newschannel 3.

Fred Libin says he opened his shop out of necessity back in 1953.

Back then, the seamstresses used a Singer sewing machine for all of their alterations. Today, 60 years later, they still use that same machine on a daily basis.

Libin's has also kept other antiques from their early years in business, including a clock and pant racks.

Owner Fred Libin says he was not the first store here, but he's definitely the last of the originals left standing.

"You know there were a lot of men's stores in Kalamazoo," Libin adds. "And now they're all gone."

Libin, a World War II veteran who also did a brief Hollywood acting stint, finally settled in West Michigan to start up his retail store. And he's glad he did.

"I may now be the oldest menswear retailer in the state. I'm 39!" Libin says with a laugh.

Fred Libin still comes in six days a week and has only missed a handful of work days over the past 60 years.

"If I can walk, I come here," he says.

He does not plan on calling it quits any time soon.

"Not til the Grim Reeper comes to call on me!" Libin laughs.

He credits his 60-year success to some of his main business mantras.

"If you take care of your customer, your customer will take care of you! That's one of our slogans here," Libin says.

Over the years, his store has grown to include everything from designer suits to fancy hats to a whole room full of jeans.

To add a little fun to the atmosphere, Libin's also has a pet parrot named Roxy, who keeps watch over the register and entertains customers as they shop.

"We treat the customer with TLC," Libin concludes. "And they do appreciate it."

Libin's has won many awards over the past six decades, including being voted one of the best men's stores in the region.

Plus, it's no longer just a men's shop. Libin's now has a section of women's clothing as well.

For more information, head to the shop's website: