Bangor non-profit going green, giving back

BANGOR, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Bangor non-profit is going green and giving back.

Saving Timbers, a group of developmentally disabled adults, is making paper from recycled materials collected throughout Van Buren County.

Their projects are then sold in local stores to raise money for Van Buren County Community Mental Health.

It all starts with scraps of discarded paper pulled from recycling bins across Van Buren County.

"We are saving trees," said Kelly Glassnor, with Van Buren County Community Mental Health. "Everything we use is from recycled paper, things people put in the dumpsters."

Saving Timbers started making paper products about four years ago, and continues to grow.

"We do private orders, like wedding invitations and wedding packages," Glassnor said.

A group of 30 people works in Bangor three days a week, breaking scraps down into pulp, and re-working it into usable materials.

"We dip it, screen it, and they put a cloth screen over it and vacuum the water out, then it's ready for the dryer box," Glassnor explained.

There's paper in every color, shape, and size, all made here in West Michigan.

"They love doing it, it makes them feel important, they love the finished product, and seeing it in the stores," said Glassnor.

Now that it's successfully up and running, the group is setting its sights on larger goals, and hoping to grow into a profitable local business.

Saving Timbers sells cards from South Haven to Kalamazoo, and they're always looking for donations.

For more on how you can purchase or help, click here.