Area father, son, help man after motorcycle crash

NEAR HASTINGS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Two good Samaritans are speaking to Newschannel 3 after finding a 52-year-old Jackson man injured in a ditch near Hastings three weeks ago.

The man laid in the grass overnight after crashing his motorcycle at the intersection of M-79, near M-37, breaking dozens of bones.

The story shouldn't have a happy ending, but it does, as a father and son who rescued him say it was a miracle they found him.

It was doing things just a little differently on a Sunday morning that made the difference between life and death.

"We pulled up to the stop sign and noticed the sign was broken," Mike Haskamp recalled. "It was one of those signs that has two poles on it, and the sign was just hanging down. I said, 'boy, that's odd.'"

Mike went along for his son Nick's run that Sunday morning, when he says he normally never runs in the morning, and he says he drove a different route home--the same drive the took just moments before the accident happened the night before.

"To put in place all the things that happened, you could even go back to the night before when we took that route, then to drive by and notice something different," Mike said.

As Mike is a retired Michigan State trooper, he says his instincts and fate kicked in at that point.

"We saw the skid mark; it's like there is something going in and nothing's coming out," he said.

As it happened, son Nick spotted the biker first.

"We didn't realize how long he had been there; we pulled over and I saw him first," Nick said. "I saw him, and I saw legs; at first they weren't moving."

The two rushed to call 9-1-1, and help the man who had been there at least 12 hours.

Mike held the man's hand until help arrived for the victim who had nearly 20 broken bones in his chest alone.

Now the Haskamps are visiting at the hospital regularly.

"I couldn't not stay in touch," Mike said. "I know all of them."

Now, they're just thankful that a change in routine could help them save someone else.

The victim in the crash is still in the ICU, but keeps getting better.

He was just taken off his ventilator and is now breathing on his own.

The Haskamp family says they'll continue to make regular visits to the hospital.
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