Woman in legal battle over alimony after ex-husband allegedly kills new husband

UTAH (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Utah woman is in the legal fight of her life, pushing to stop paying her ex-husband alimony after police say he killed her new husband.

Joy Sidwell has been paying $500 a month in alimony for the past five years.

On Monday she asked the courts for a stop payment decision on the mandatory alimony to Fred Lee.

He's in jail, awaiting trial for the aggravated murder of Mike Sidwell.

Sidwell says she had protective orders and stalking complaints filed.

Investigators say Lee set out to kill Joy on July 3rd, but shot her husband instead.

"It's gonna take a long time to see justice in the court for the murder, but this would be justice for now," said Joy Sidwell.

The judge told Sidwell she needs to wait six working days to give lee time from jail to contest her petition.

Lee was awarded alimony because of a head injury that prevented him from working.