Woman arrested after outburst in airplane

FARGO, North Dakota (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A woman is in jail after police say she resisted arrest during an angry outburst inside an airplane.

"And you *bleep* stand back and treat him like *bleep*," the woman said as she kicked an officer.

Police say Allison Johnson assaulted two flight attendants on a plane leaving Fargo, North Dakota Wednesday night.

She's charged with resisting arrest after getting aggressive with police.

"She kicked an officer, attempted to kick another, and when she was placed into the squad car she attempted to kick out the windows of that squad car," said one officer.

"I'm not like this at all, I'm so embarrassed, and I am so sorry. It's not me that acts like this, it's the alcohol," said Johnson.

Johnson will spend a few days in jail, pay a fine and she has to get a chemical evaluation.

Passengers say the assault set their flight back an hour.